Sushi-GO Menu

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Best Food on Sushi-GO Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Sushi-GO restaurant are Mentai Mayo Aburi Set, Meat Sushi-Go, Soft Shell Crab Handroll, Yangnyeom Chicken Don Set, Beef Udon Set, and Thick Cut Salmon Sashimi.

Sushi-GO Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Sushi-GO with a price list has eight categories: GO-Series, GO-Sushi Set, Handroll, Bento Don Set, Sushi Noodle Set, Sashimi, Drink, and Add-On.


Menu ItemsPrices
Kani Sushi-GO (4 pcs)S$4.80
Meat Sushi-Go (3 pcs)S$4.80
Inari Sushi-Go (4 pcs)S$6.90
Kidz FavoriteS$4.20

GO-Sushi Set

Go-Ebi Set (8 pcs)S$9.50
Double Salmon Set (8 pcs)S$11.80
Mentai Mayo Aburi Set (10 pcs)S$14.80
Go-Tamago Set (12 pcs)S$12.80
GO-Sashimi Set (10 Pcs)S$16.80
Salmon Sushi Set (8 pcs)S$11.80


Soft Shell Crab HandrollS$4.60
California HandrollS$2.80
Salmon Avocado HandrollS$3.30
Tamago HandrollS$2.40
Salmon HandrollS$3.00
Lobster Salad HandrollS$4.60
Una Tama HandrollS$4.60

Bento Don Set

Kaisen Zuke Chirashi SetS$14.20
Salmon Ikura Chirashi SetS$14.20
Go Kidz BentoS$8.90
Unagi Don SetS$14.60
Yangnyeom Chicken Don SetS$10.80

Sushi Noodle Set

Ramen SetS$15.80
Udon SetS$14.80
Beef Udon SetS$15.80


Maguro SashimiS$6.30
Salmon SashimiS$6.50
Kajiki SashimiS$6.30
Amaebi SashimiS$6.30
Hamachi SashimiS$6.50
Sashimi PlatterS$16.50
Thick Cut Salmon SashimiS$8.60


Mineral WaterS$2.20
Coca ColaS$2.50
Jasmine Green TeaS$2.50
Ice Lemon TeaS$2.50
Ayataka Green TeaS$2.50


Miso SoupS$2.20
Shoyu SachetS$0.10
Wasabi SachetS$0.20

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.