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Best Food on SYIP Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from SYIP cafe are Grilled Truffle Cheese Toastie, Spiced Cheese Chicken Katsu Burger, Shimeiji Mushroom Fritters with Yuzu Brown Butter Dip, Raspberry Pistachio French Toast, and Butterfly Pea Yuzu.

SYIP Menu with Prices

The complete menu of SYIP with a price list has eleven categories: Luzerne Bundles, Brunch, Mains, Sides, Sweets, Espresso, Others, Tea, Signature Milk, Lemonades, and Kombucha.

Luzerne Bundles

Menu ItemsPrices
Office Lunch BundleS$25.00
Couple BundleS$65.00
Family BundleS$130.00


Big BreakfastS$24.20
The Breakfast TartS$23.10
Smashed Avocado ToastS$18.70
Deviled Egg Salad ToastS$17.60
Shakshuka Baked EggsS$17.60
Grilled Truffle Cheese ToastieS$20.90
Breakfast BurgerS$17.60
Octopus Mentaiko RostiS$28.60


Spiced Cheese Chicken Katsu BurgerS$19.80
Mentaiko Shrimp BurgerS$22.00
Tiger Prawn Squid Ink PastaS$26.40
Two Clam VongoleS$23.10
Chicken Confit On Pumpkin PureeS$20.90
Wagyu Beef Rice BowlS$24.20
Iberico Jowl Rice BowlS$18.70


Shoestring FriesS$8.80
Truffle FriesS$12.10
Grilled Mexican CornS$12.10
Mentaiko Tater TotsS$12.10
Shimeiji Mushroom Fritters w/ Yuzu Brown Butter DipS$13.20


Kaya Butter French ToastS$18.70
Kahlua TiramisuS$13.20
Matcha TiramisuS$13.20
Raspberry Pistachio French ToastS$16.50


BlackFrom S$4.95
WhiteFrom S$6.05
MochaFrom S$7.15
SYIP Black CoffeeS$7.15
SYIP White CoffeeS$7.70
Raspberry Espresso SodaS$6.60
Honey Espresso SodaS$6.60
MonochromeFrom S$6.60
Dirty MatchaFrom S$7.15
Peanut Butter LatteS$7.15


Black CocoaFrom S$6.60
MatchaFrom S$6.60
HojichaFrom S$6.60
PistachioFrom S$7.15
Black SesameFrom S$7.15


Lychee OolongS$6.60
Spring Season OolongS$6.60
English BreakfastS$6.60
Passion BerryS$6.60
Yellow MeadowsS$6.60
Milk Tea CloudS$8.25
Raspberry CloudS$8.25
Cold Brew TeaS$6.60

Signature Milk

Hojicha GomaS$8.25
Earl Grey ChocolateS$7.15
Chocolate RaspberryS$7.15
Matcha RaspberryS$7.70
Raspberry PistachioS$8.25


Butterfly Pea YuzuS$7.70


Passionfruit MintS$9.90
Number 1S$9.90

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is SYIP Halal?

No, SYIP is not Halal Certified.

What are the SYIP menu prices?

The price range of SYIP items is from S$4.40 to S$130.00.

Does SYIP offer delivery?

SYIP offers food delivery services through Oddle.