Syohachi Yakiniku Menu

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Best Food on Syohachi Yakiniku Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Syohachi Yakiniku restaurant are Yakiniku USA Beef Short Ribs Bento, Yakiniku Assorted Seafood and Meat Platter, Yakiniku Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef Bento, Chicken Teriyaki, Ika Geso Karaage, and Chuka Wakame.

Syohachi Yakiniku Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Syohachi Yakiniku with a price list has eight categories: Bento Set, Syohachi Don Buri, Sides, Red Wines, White Wines, Sake, Soju, and Non-Alcoholic Beverage.

Bento Set

Menu ItemsPrices
Yakiniku Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef Bento (120g)S$46.00
Yakiniku USA Beef Short Ribs Bento(120g)S$33.00
Yakiniku Assorted Seafood and Meat PlatterS$27.00
Yakiniku Beef Combo Platter (120g)S$36.00
Yakiniku Yuzu Buta BentoS$22.00
Yakiniku Shoga Buta BentoS$22.00
Tori Katsu BentoS$18.00
Unagi BentoS$26.00
Kaki Fry bentoS$22.00

Syohachi Don Buri (Japanese Rice Bowl)

Japanese Wagyu Beef HamburgFrom S$18.00
Wagyu Beef CurryS$16.00
Chicken TeriyakiS$14.00


Tori KaraageS$7.00
Ika Geso KaraageS$7.00
Kaki FryS$10.00
Sesame Chicken WingsS$7.00
Chuka WakameS$6.00
Chuka IdakoS$7.00
Japanese CucumberS$4.00

Red Wines

Indomita Varietal Cabernet Sauvigon (CHILE- RED)S$54.00
Marrenon Merlot (FRANCE- RED)S$60.00

White Wines

Indomita Varietal Sauvigon Blanc (CHILE- WHITE)S$54.00
Marrenon Chardonnay (FRANCE- WHITE)S$60.00


Kiku Masamune Junmai (180ml)S$28.00
Kiku Masamune Daiginiyo (180ml)S$28.00
Kiku Masamune Kaori Reishu (180ml)S$26.00


One Shot Soju OriginalS$22.00
One Shot Soju Green GrapeS$19.00
One Shot Soju PeachS$19.00

Non Alcoholic Beverage

Apple JuiceS$4.00
Orange JuiceS$4.00
Red Grape JuiceS$4.00
Coke ZeroS$3.00
Aqua Panna Still Water (250ml)S$4.00
S.P sparkling Water (250ml)S$4.00