Tambuah Mas Menu

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Best Food on Tambuah Mas Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Tambuah Mas restaurant are Sambal Belacan, Dendeng Belado, Udang Besar Goreng, Ayam Goreng Istimewa, Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin, Sop Sayur Campur, Kailan Tumis Special, and Telor Mata Sapi.

Tambuah Mas Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Tambuah Mas Indonesian restaurant with a price list has fourteen categories: Beancurd, Beef, Seafood, Satay, Chicken, Noodles / Rice, Soup, Vegetables, Eggs, Dessert, Beverages, Snacks, Add on, and Set Meals.


Menu ItemsPrices
Tahu TelorFrom S$15.95
Tahu GorengFrom S$12.10
Sambal TempeS$10.45
Tahu KecapFrom S$13.75
Tempe GorengFrom S$7.70
Telor BeladoS$6.60
Telor DadarS$8.25
Perkadel AyamS$6.60
Sambal GorengS$12.10
Sambal BelacanS$1.10


Rendang LembuS$15.18
Dendeng BeladoS$11.18
Paru GorengS$10.45


Kepala Ikan IstimewaS$40.70
Ikan Nila SantanS$29.70
Ikan Nila AcarS$29.70
Ikan Nila AssamS$29.70
Ikan Nila GorengS$24.20
Ikan (Fillet)S$8.80
Ikan PepesS$9.90
Asin Petai BeladoS$9.90
Teri Petai BeladoS$10.56
Udang Besar GorengS$19.80
Udang PetaiS$20.35
Udang BeladoS$17.60
Cumi Cumi GorengS$20.35
Sotong BeladoS$15.95




Ayam Goreng IstimewaS$17.60
Ayam KariS$9.90
Ayam KormaS$9.90
Perkadel AyamS$6.60
Ayam BeladoS$9.35
Sate Ayam/SapiS$13.20

Noodles / Rice

Noodle SopS$13.20
Mie GorengS$16.50
Bihun GorengS$16.50
Mie SotoS$11.55
Bihun SotoS$11.55
Lontong SotoS$13.20
Nasi CampurS$16.50
Nasi Goreng IstimewaS$20.35
Nasi GorengS$16.50
Lontong CapgomeS$13.20
Buntut LontongS$13.20
Buntut BihunS$12.10
Gado LontongFrom S$12.10
Nasi Goreng Ikan AsinS$17.05
Nasi Goreng UdangS$18.15
Nasi Goreng AyamS$18.15
Bihun SopS$13.75
Nasi PutehS$1.98
Nasi KuningS$3.08


Soto AyamS$7.70
Sop BuntutS$7.70
Mixed Veg SoupS$13.20
Asam GravyS$4.40
Kari GravyS$2.20
Lodeh GravyS$2.20
Sop Sayur CampurS$17.60


Petai BeladoS$8.25
Singkong SantanS$12.10
Sayur LodehS$11.55
Gado GadoFrom S$9.90
Ladies FingerS$13.20
Long BeanS$13.20
Tauge/Bean SproutS$13.20
Urap UrapS$7.70
Chap Chye GorengS$13.75
Kailan Tumis SpecialS$17.05
Chap Chye GorengS$17.05
Tauge Ikan AsinS$14.85
Daun SingkongS$8.25


Telor BeladoS$6.60
Telur DadarS$8.25
Boiled EggS$2.20
Telor Mata SapiFrom S$0.00


Es AlpukatS$6.60
Es TapaiS$6.60
Es TelerS$6.60
Es CampurS$6.60
Es Cendol TapaiS$6.60
Es CendolS$6.05
Es Cendol KacangS$6.05
Es Cendol NangkaS$6.05
Es Santan KacangS$5.50
Es Blewa AtapS$5.50
Es Gula MelakaS$5.50
Es Buah AtapS$4.95
Es Cincau AtapS$4.95


Air SeraiFrom S$4.95
Honey LemonFrom S$4.95
Lemon TeaFrom S$4.40
Lime JuiceFrom S$4.95
Air BandungS$3.85
Soft DrinksS$3.85
Indonesian CoffeeFrom S$5.50
TeaFrom S$3.85
Chinese TeaS$3.30
MiloFrom S$4.95
Teh Tarik / MilkteaFrom S$4.95
Fresh CoconutS$6.60
Soda GembiraS$4.95
Ginger AleS$3.85
Bottled WaterS$2.20
WaterFrom S$0.66



Add on

Sambal BelacanFrom S$1.10

Set Meals

Signature Set for 4-5 GuestsS$135.00
Set Menu #1 for 8-10 GuestsS$297.50
Set Menu #2 for 8-10 GuestsS$360.00

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Tambuah Mas Halal?

Yes, Tambuah Mas is a halal-certified restaurant.

What type of food is Tambuah Mas?

The main cusine served at Tambuah Mas outlets is Indonesian.

What are the Tambuah Mas menu prices?

The price range of Tambuah Mas items varies between S$1.10 to S$40.70.

Does Tambuah Mas offer delivery services?

Tambuah Mas offers food delivery through Deliveroo.com.sg, Oddle.me, and GrabFood.