Tamoya Udon Menu

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Best Food on Tamoya Udon Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Tamoya Udon restaurant are Pork Curry Onsen Egg Udon, Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen, Mentaiko Salmon Bento, Gyu Buta Combo Don, Snow Crab Creamy Croquette, and Seasoned Bamboo Shoots.

Tamoya Udon Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Tamoya Udon & Tempura with a price list has eight categories: Udon, Ramen, Rice Bento, Don, Tempura, Sides, A La Carte, and Beverages.


Menu ItemsPrices
Sanuki Beef Onsen EggS$14.26
Black Garlic Tonkotsu UdonS$13.82
Beef UdonS$13.82
Pork UdonS$13.18
Pork Egg UdonS$13.82
Truffle Tonkotsu UdonS$14.47
Spicy Tonkotsu UdonS$13.82
Beef Curry Onsen Egg UdonS$14.90
Pork Curry Onsen Egg UdonS$14.04
Triple Egg UdonS$13.18
Kitsune UdonS$9.94
Kake UdonS$8.96


Black Garlic Tonkotsu RamenS$14.90
Spicy Tonkotsu RamenS$14.90

Rice Bento

Chicken Teriyaki BentoS$11.99
Salmon Teriyaki BentoS$14.15
Mentaiko Salmon BentoS$15.23
Beef Curry BentoS$15.23
Pork Curry BentoS$14.47
Beef BentoS$14.15
Pork BentoS$13.39
Ebi Tempura BentoS$13.07
Yasai Tempura BentoS$10.91


Beef Curry DonS$14.47
Pork Curry DonS$13.93
Beef Onsen Egg DonS$13.39
Pork Onsen Egg DonS$12.85
Gyu Buta Combo DonS$14.47


Kaki Fry Special SetS$7.34
Snow Crab Creamy CroquetteS$3.35
Prawn TempuraS$2.59
Potato Vegetable CroquetteS$2.27
Chicken KatsuS$4.21
Chicken Gyoza (fried)S$2.92
Fried Horse MackerelS$3.35
Crab StickS$1.84
Japanese Sweet PotatoS$1.62
Japanese EggplantS$1.84
Japanese PumpkinS$1.84


Onsen EggS$1.62
Sweet CornS$1.19

A La Carte

Cha ShuS$1.84
Seasoned Bamboo ShootsS$1.73


Qoo GrapeS$2.59
Iced Lemon TeaS$2.59
Passion Fruit TeaS$2.59
Ayataka Green TeaS$2.59

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Tamoya Udon Halal?

No, Tamoya Udon is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What type of food is Tamoya Udon?

The main food served at Tamoya Udon outlets is Japanese.

What are the Tamoya Udon menu prices?

The price range of Tamoya Udon items varies between S$1.19 to S$15.23.

Does Tamoya Udon offer delivery services?

Tamoya Udon offers food delivery through Deliveroo.com.sg and Foodpanda.sg.