Tampopo Menu

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Best Food on Tampopo Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Tampopo restaurant are Grilled Salmon With Mini Pork Katsu Bento, Prawn & Mini Chicken Katsu Curry, Deluxe Kurobuta Shabu Ramen, Teppan Kurobuta Yakisoba, and Tempura Deluxe Moriawase.

Tampopo Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Tampopo with a price list has twenty categories: Salads, Curry, A La Carte, Ten Don, Omakase Teishoku, Sushi, Value Bento, Pork Fillet, Layer Katsu, Kurobuta Tonkatsu, Fried Rice, Kurobuta Shabu Ramen, Rice, Udon, Soba, All Time Favourite Ramen, Tonkatsu Ramen, Tempura, Toppings, and Beverages.


Menu ItemsPrices
California Salad w/ Wasabi Mayo DressingS$14.60
Classic Potato SaladS$10.40
Tampopo Sashimi Poke SaladS$18.20
Tonkatsu SaladS$14.60
Avocado & Salmon Salad w/ BroccoliS$16.40


Prawn & Mini Katsu Curry KurobutaS$35.60
Prawn & Mini Katsu Curry USA PorkS$29.70
Special Katsu Curry KurobutaS$37.80
Special Katsu Curry USA PorkS$33.00
Prawn & Mini Chicken Katsu CurryS$30.60
Chicken Katsu CurryS$28.90
Curry SauceS$8.30

A La Carte

Wafu SteakS$26.10
Tori KaraageS$14.00
Teriyaki Fresh ChickenS$16.40
Premium Soft Shell CrabS$22.30
Stir-fried Mixed Vegetable w/ KurobutaS$18.80
Wagyu Beef Potato CroquetteS$10.40
Agedashi TofuS$8.10
Chawan MushiS$8.10

Ten Don

Deluxe Ten DonS$28.90
Ten DonS$22.90
Ebi Ten DonS$30.00

Omakase Teishoku

Unagi & Tempura TeishokuS$36.60
Chicken Katsu & Salmon Teriyaki TeishokuS$31.80
Steak Deluxe TeishokuS$33.00
Wagyu Beef Nikujyaga TeishokuS$31.80


Salmon & Crab RollS$22.90
Kaisen Bara Chirashi DonS$30.60
Salmon ChirashiS$30.60
Tampopo Mixed Sushi MatsuS$29.50
Tampopo Mixed Sushi TakeS$29.50
Ebi Tempura MakiS$11.60
Tamago MakiS$6.90
Salmon RollS$10.40
California RollS$12.70
Aburi SalmonS$4.70

Value Bento

Grilled Salmon w/ Mini Pork Katsu BentoS$15.70
Pork Katsu w/ Potato Salad BentoS$15.20
Grilled Saba w/ Chicken Karaage BentoS$15.70
Miso Pork Katsu w/ Potato Salad BentoS$15.20
Teriyaki Chicken w/ Saba BentoS$15.20
Charcoal Grilled Unagi & Mini Pork Katsu BentoS$19.60
Beef Yakiniku BentoS$16.30
Tampopo Gold BentoS$20.20

Pork Fillet

Pork Fillet TonkatsuFrom S$25.30
Pork Fillet & Prawn TonkatsuFrom S$25.30

Layer Katsu

Mentaiko Layer CutletFrom S$26.50
Original Plain Layer CutletFrom S$20.80
Cheese Layer CutletFrom S$25.30

Kurobuta Tonkatsu

USA Premium Pork LoinFrom S$27.10
Loin Tonkatsu & Prawn Fry KurobutaFrom S$33.30
Loin Tonkatsu & Prawn Fry USA PorkFrom S$27.30
Loin Tonkatsu KurobutaFrom S$33.30
Loin Tonkatsu USA PorkFrom S$24.90
Special Katsu Don KurobutaFrom S$32.20
Special Katsu Don USA PorkFrom S$26.80
Chicken Katsu DonFrom S$24.90

Fried Rice

Tampopo Fried RiceS$18.20
Truffle Fried RiceS$23.50
Crab Fried RiceS$23.50

Kurobuta Shabu Ramen

Premium Shabu RamenS$24.70
Deluxe Kurobuta Shabu RamenS$22.90


Kurobuta Pork Rice ComboS$31.80
Kurobuta Pork Rice OriginalS$29.50
Unagi JyuS$40.10
Wafu Steak JyuS$30.20
Kurobuta Toro Yakiniku JyuS$31.80
Mini Kurobuta RiceS$13.40


Wagyu Nabeyaki UdoS$34.40
Nabeyaki UdonS$20.00
Tempura UdonS$24.10
Vegetable Tempura UdonS$17.00
Plain UdonS$9.50


Etanbetsu SobaS$17.20
Tempura SobaS$29.10
Kurobuta Tsuke SobaS$19.60
Teppan Kurobuta YakisobaS$20.00

All Time Favourite Ramen

Jumbo BBQ Pork RamenS$21.10
Negi Chili Miso Deluxe RamenS$22.30
Kyushu Jyangara RamenS$20.00
Hokkaido Miso Deluxe RamenS$21.10
Hakodate Deluxe RamenS$22.30
Chicken Teriyaki RamenS$20.00

Tonkatsu Ramen

Tonkatsu RamenS$23.50
Kurobuta Koumi Fried RamenS$23.50
Cheese Tonkatsu RamenS$23.50


Tempura Deluxe MoriawaseS$26.50
Tempura MoriawaseS$19.40
Tempura VegetableS$17.60
Ebi TempuraS$28.30


Tasty EggS$3.00
Sweet CornS$2.40
Japanese RiceS$4.20


Dasani WaterFrom S$1.70

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Tampopo Halal?

No, Tampopo is not Halal Certified.

What type of food is Tampopo?

The main cuisine served at Tampopo is Japanese.

What are the Tampopo menu prices?

The price range of Tampopo items is from S$1.70 to S$40.10.

Does Tampopo offer delivery?

Tampopo offers food delivery through Deliveroo.com.sg, GrabFood, and Foodpanda.sg.