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Best Food on The Banana Leaf Apolo Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from The Banana Leaf Apolo restaurant are Crispy Onion Pakora, Murgh Malai Kebab, Chicken Tikka Masala, Apolo Lamb Shank, Prawn Mango Curry, Gobi Manchurian, and Mutton Dum Briyani.

The Banana Leaf Apolo Menu with Prices

The complete menu of The Banana Leaf Apolo with a price list has twelve categories: Starters, Tandoori, Chicken, Mutton, Seafood, Vegetables, Indian Breads, Signature Dish, Rice, Condiments, Desserts, and Beverages.


Menu ItemsPrices
Gobi 65S$14.90
Chicken LollipopS$17.90
Fish FingerS$17.90
Veg SamosaS$9.90
Crispy Onion PakoraS$9.90


Tandoori PlatterFrom S$37.50
Tandoori ChickenFrom S$20.90
Chicken TikkaS$21.90
Murgh Malai KebabS$22.50
Hariyali TikkaS$23.90
Mutton Seekh KebabS$26.50
Fish TikkaS$26.50
Tandoori PrawnS$27.50
Paneer TikkaS$21.90
Vegetable Seekh KebabS$17.90


Chicken MasalaS$9.00
Chicken 65From S$16.90
Pepper ChickenFrom S$17.90
Chicken CurryS$9.00
Butter ChickenS$23.90
Chicken Tikka MasalaS$21.90
Malabar ChickenS$21.50
Kadai ChickenS$21.90
Chilli ChickenS$21.90
Chicken KurmaS$21.90


Mutton MysoreFrom S$18.90
Mutton MasalaFrom S$18.90
Apolo Lamb ShankS$28.90
Mutton RoganjoshS$24.90
Mutton SaagwalaS$24.90
Mutton VindalooS$24.90


Fish CurryS$9.90
Fried FishS$9.90
Fish SambalS$10.90
Chilli FishS$21.90
Fish JalfraizyS$21.90
Apolo Prawn MasalaS$10.90
Prawn Mango CurryS$26.50
Chilli PrawnS$26.50
Apolo Masala CrabS$15.94
Squid CurryFrom S$16.90
Squid BlackFrom S$16.90
Malabar FishS$21.90
Fish CutletsS$9.90
Flower CrabS$20.90
Srilankan CrabS$50


Aloo Gobi MutterS$14.90
Palak PaneerS$17.90
Paneer MakhaniS$14.90
Baigain BarthaS$14.90
Bhindi MasalaS$14.90
Gobi ManchurianS$17.90
Malai KofthaS$17.90
Mutter PaneerS$17.90
Vegetable KholapuriS$14.90
Channa MasalaS$14.90
Yellow DhalS$14.90
Black DhalS$14.90
Navratan KormaS$17.90

Indian Breads

Plain NaanS$4.00
Butter NaanS$5.90
Garlic NaanS$5.90
Garlic Cheese NaanS$7.90
Cheese NaanS$6.90
Keema NaanS$8.90
Kashmiri NaanS$6.90
Basket of Assorted NaansS$16.90
Tandoori RotiS$4.50
Pudina ParathaS$7.90
Ajwain Lachcha ParathaS$7.90

Signature Dish

Fish Head CurryFrom S$33.50


White Rice w/ 2 VegetablesS$6.50
Briyani Rice w/ 2 VegetablesS$7.90
Chicken Dum BriyaniS$20.90
Mutton Dum BriyaniS$21.90
Jeera RiceS$10.90
Egg Fried RiceS$14.90
Chicken Fried RiceS$17.90
Kashmiri PulaoS$13.90
Seafood Fried RiceS$17.90


Vegetable of The DayS$4.50
Fish GravyS$4.50
Chicken GravyS$4.50


Gulab JamunS$6.42


Salted LassiS$6.50
Mango LassiFrom S$7.90
Sweet LassiS$6.50
Plain LassiS$6.50
Chocolate MilkshakeS$9.90
Vanilla MilkshakeS$9.90
Strawberry MilkshakeS$9.90
Orange JuiceS$6.90
Apple JuiceS$6.90
Watermelon JuiceS$6.90
Apolo Lime JuiceFrom S$5.90
Lime SodaS$6.90
Fresh CoconutS$6.50
Coke LightS$4.50
Coke ZeroS$4.50
100 plusS$4.50
Green TeaS$4.50
Soya BeanS$4.50
Fanta OrangeS$4.50
A&W root beerS$4.50

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is The Banana Leaf Apolo Halal?

Yes, The Banana Leaf Apolo is a halal-certified restaurant.

What type of food is The Banana Leaf Apolo?

The main cuisine served at The Banana Leaf Apolo outlets is Indian.

What are the Banana Leaf Apolo menu prices?

The price range of The Banana Leaf Apolor items varies between S$2.90 to S$33.50.

Does The Banana Leaf Apolo offer delivery services?

The Banana Leaf Apolo offers food delivery through and