The Carving Board Menu

  • Bar & grill
  • 8 Categories
  • 37 items
  • 5/5

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Best Food on The Carving Board Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from The Carving Board restaurant are Chicken Fingers, Grilled Prawn Salad, Seafood Marinara, Battered Fish & Chips, and AUS Grainfed Ribeye Steak.

The Carving Board Menu with Prices

The complete menu of The Carving Board with a price list has eight categories: Sharing Plates, Steak Frites, Mains, Signature Spaghetti, Soup and Salads, Add-ons, Beer & Cider, and Beverages.

Sharing Plates

Menu ItemsPrices
Mixed Grill AS$60.00
Mixed Grill BS$80.00
Mixed Grill CS$138.00
Black Angus Prime Rib (1.3kg)S$156.00
Black Angus Prime Rib (1.2kg)S$144.00

Steak Frites

ARG Angus Ribeye Steak (500g)S$70.00
AUS Grainfed Ribeye Steak (250g)S$26.00
AUS Grainfed Striploin Steak (250g)S$23.00
AUS Lamb T-Bone (300g)S$23.00


Grilled ChickenS$14.00
Pork SteakS$16.00
Beef CheeseburgerS$14.00
Salmon SteakS$18.00
Sea BassS$17.00
Battered Fish & ChipsS$12.00
Mushroom RisottoS$15.00
Beef BourguignonS$25.00

Signature Spaghetti

Aglio OlioS$13.00
Seafood MarinaraS$13.00
Seafood PestoS$13.00

Soup And Salads

Grilled Chicken SaladS$10.00
Grilled Prawn SaladS$13.00
Mushroom SoupS$6.00


Chicken FingersS$7.00
Two-Joint Chicken Wings (4 pcs)S$6.00
Battered Onion RingsS$6.00
Potato WedgesS$6.00
French FriesS$5.00

Beer & Cider

Punchin’ Rye Pale Ale 330ml BtlS$10.00
Poppin’ Haze Hazey Ipa 330ml BtlS$10.00
Star Gazin’ Session IPA 330ml BtlS$10.00
Somersby Apple Cider 330ml BtlS$8.00


Bundaberg Root BeerS$3.00
Bundaberg Ginger BeerS$3.00
Coconut WaterS$2.00