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Best Items on The Cookie Museum Singapore Menu

The most popular items from The Cookie Museum shop are Sedap Chempedak Cookies, Aiyooo! Chocolate Chips Cookies, Jackfruit Bubur Cha Cha Cookies, and Long Jing Osmanthus Cookies.

The Cookie Museum Menu with Prices

The complete menu of The Cookie Museum with a price list has three categories: Singapore Cookies, Signature Selections, and Seasonal Favourites.

Singapore Cookies

Menu ItemsPrices
Chilli Crab CookiesS$40.00
Chicken Rice CookiesS$40.00
Sedap Chempedak CookiesS$40.00
Nasi Lemak CookiesS$48.00
Hae Bee Hiam CookiesS$48.00

Signature Selections

Berry Lite CookiesS$48.00
White Almond Truffles CookiesS$48.00
Aiyooo! Chocolate Chips CookiesS$35.00
Lychee Rose CookiesS$35.00
Champagne Lychee Cookies (with liqueur!)S$35.00
Pink Salt Lychee Martini Cookies (with liqueur!)S$35.00

Seasonal Favourites

Violet Rose CookiesS$40.00
Peaches & Marigold CookiesS$48.00
Matcha Berries CookiesS$48.00
Long Jing Osmanthus CookiesS$48.00
Champagne Strawberry Cookies (with liqueur!)S$48.00
Tiramisu Orange Cookies (with liqueur!)S$48.00
No-Bunny But You CookiesS$35.00
Pineapple Cranberry CookiesS$35.00
Cranberry Pistachio CookiesS$35.00
Lychee Lavender CookiesS$35.00
Jackfruit Bubur Cha Cha CookiesS$35.00
Truffle Mushroom CookiesS$35.00
Thai Tea Macadamia CookiesS$35.00
Whisky Mud Cookies (with liqueur!)S$35.00

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.