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Best Items on The Providore Singapore Menu

The most popular items from The Providore Cafe are Chocolate Almond Croissant, White Chocolate Andean Corn Tart, Barn Laid Eggs & Sourdough Toast, Grilled Organic Chicken Salad, and Grilled Ham & Cheese Toastie.

The Providore Menu with Prices

The complete menu of The Providore with a price list has thirteen categories: Pastries & Fresh Bakes, Cakes & Desserts, Breakfast, Salads & Starters, Sandwiches, Mains, Sides, Platters, The Providore Coffee, The Providore Tea, The Providore Drinking Chocolate & Chai, Juices, Smoothies And Milkshakes, and Other Beverages.

Pastries & Fresh Bakes

Menu ItemsPrices
Pain Au ChocolatS$4.86
Almond CroissantS$5.18
Cheese CroissantS$4.86
Chocolate Almond CroissantS$5.18
Raisin DanishS$4.86
Apple PieS$4.86
Sausage DanishS$5.18
Croque MonsieurS$5.94
Sourdough MediumS$7.34
Plain SconeS$3.78
Muffin Of The DayS$4.32

Cakes & Desserts

White Chocolate Andean Corn TartS$10.80
Carrot CakeS$10.26
Flourless Chocolate CakeS$10.26
Apple CrumbleS$12.96
Strawberry ShortcakeS$10.58


Sourdough ToastFrom S$10.58
Organic MuesliFrom S$16.74
Barn Laid Eggs & Sourdough ToastFrom S$15.66
Fresh Fruit SaladFrom S$16.74
English BreakfastFrom S$30.78
Breakfast BoardFrom S$31.86
Smashed Avocado on ToastFrom S$27.54
Eggs BenedictFrom S$25.38
Ricotta PancakesFrom S$24.30

Salads & Starters

Grilled HaloumiS$21.06
Nicoise SaladS$28.62
Grilled Organic Chicken SaladS$25.38
Spiced Pumpkin SaladS$24.30
Smoked SalmonS$26.46
Grilled Shark Bay PrawnsS$28.62


Grilled Ham & Cheese ToastieS$24.30
Club SandwichS$26.46
Smoked Salmon BagelS$23.22
Grilled Vege SandwichS$21.06
Steak SandwichS$34.56


Fettuce PastaFrom S$37.26
Grass-Fed Beef BurgerFrom S$37.26
Lobster Mac & CheeseFrom S$36.18
Crab Linguine PastaFrom S$38.34
RisottoFrom S$37.26
Roasted Organic Chicken LegFrom S$37.26
Pan Seared BarramundiFrom S$40.50
Slow Braised Lamb ShankFrom S$40.50


Proper Chips w/ Chipotle MayoS$13.50
Mixed Leaf Salad w/ Caremelised Walnuts & Parmesan CheeseS$12.42
Mixed Bread w/ Alto Olive Oil & Giusti Balsamic VinegarS$10.69
Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges w/ Garlic AioliS$14.58


Cheese PlatterS$30.78
Charcuterie PlatterS$31.86
Italian Platter (mozzarella)S$34.02
Dip PlatterS$19.98
Duck Rillette PlatterS$21.06

The Providore Coffee

The Providore CoffeeFrom S$6.48
Iced CoffeeFrom $10.26

The Providore Tea

Cold Brewed TeaS$11.66
The Providore TeaS$10.58

The Providore Drinking Chocolate & Chai

The Providore Hot ChocolateS$10.26
Chai LatteS$10.26
Iced Chai LatteS$10.26
Iced Drinking ChocolateS$10.26
The Providore Signature Drinking ChocolateS$11.34

Juices, Smoothies And Milkshakes

Premium MilkshakesS$13.50
Plant Based Fresh Fruit SmoothiesS$13.50
Slow Pressed JuicesS$10.26

Other Beverages

Remedy Organic KombuchaS$9.72
Karma ColaS$9.72

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is The Providore Halal?

No, The Providore is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What are the The Providore menu prices?

The price range of The Providore items varies between S$3.78 to S$40.50.

Does The Providore offer delivery services?

The Providore offers food delivery through and