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Best Items on Tiong Bbahru Bakery Singapore Menu

The most popular items from Tiong Bbahru Bakery are Kouign Amann, Ham & Cheese Croissant, Almond Croissant, Latte, Le Parisien (Ham & Butter Baguette), Viennoiserie Bundle, Lemon Drizzle Cake, and Blackberry Jam (Mure Sauvage).

Tiong Bbahru Bakery Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Tiong Bbahru Bakery with a price list has thirteen categories: Viennoiserie Bundle, Viennoiserie, Bread, Savoury, Pastry, Tiong Bahru Bakery Merchandise, From France with Love, TBB Salads and Granola, Coffee, Tea, Non-Caffeinated, Juice & Others, and Be Your Own Barista.

Viennoiserie Bundle

Menu ItemsPrices
Viennoiserie BundleS$40.00
Box of 10 CroissantsS$43.00
Box of 6 Kouign AmannS$36.00


Pain Au ChocolatS$5.60
Almond CroissantS$6.90
Almond Chocolate CroissantS$7.50
Green Tea CroissantS$7.80
Kouign AmannS$6.90


Small SourdoughS$10.10
Big SourdoughS$13.70
Rye SourdoughS$14.90
Roasted Chestnut & Fig Rye SourdoughS$16.70
Rosemary FocacciaS$8.40
Plain BriocheS$4.80
Chocolate BriocheS$6.00
Salted Egg BriocheS$5.40
Sugar BriocheS$3.90
Tomato FocacciaS$9.60


Pulled Pork BunS$13.80
Le Parisien (ham & butter baguette)S$12.50
Roast Beef CroissantS$15.00
Brie & Roasted Mushroom Croissant (vegetarian)S$15.00
Ham & Cheese CroissantS$11.30
Quiche LorraineS$13.70
Salmon & Spinach QuicheS$14.90
Tomato & Basil QuicheS$13.70
Za’atar & Miso Eggplant Sandwich (vegetarian)S$12.50
Chilli Chicken Sourdough SandwichS$19.10
Chicken Rillette & Tarragon Mustard SandwichS$13.00
Mortadella Truffle SandwichS$21.40
Black Olive & Prosciutto BaguetteS$15.30
Croque MonsieurS$14.20


Chocolate ÉclairS$10.30
Vanilla FlanS$10.30
Lemon TartS$10.10
Chocolate TartS$11.90
Apple CrumbleS$9.80
Hazelnut FinancierS$5.40
Lemon Drizzle CakeS$6.30
Hazelnut ChouxS$13.80
Exotic CheesecakeS$11.30
Chocolate Loaf Cake SliceS$7.50

Tiong Bahru Bakery Merchandise

Brioche No. 1 Hand WashS$26.40
Kouign Amann No.2 Hand WashS$26.40
Bundle of 2From S$46.20
TBB Reusable Mask – BeveragesS$16.60
TBB Reusable Mask – TBB SignatureS$16.60
Croissant Tote BagS$19.90
Beverages & Paris of the Yeast Tote BagS$19.90
Teh Tarik Enamel CupS$15.40
TBB x MiiR BeverageS$52.80
TBB x MiiR CamoS$52.80
TBB x MiiR SignatureS$52.80
Home of the Handmade Croissant T-ShirtS$24.20
Home of the Handmade Croissant T-Shirt (kids)From S$24.20
Chewing Gum HandwashS$26.40

From France with Love

Bordier Butter (le beurre bordier)S$11.80
Blackberry Jam (mure sauvage)S$19.70
Blueberry Jam (myrtille)S$19.70
Fraise (strawberry)S$18.50
Orange JamS$18.50
Apricot/Rhubarb Jam (abricot/rhubarbe)S$18.30
Duck Foie Gras (foie gras de canard)S$47.60
Duck Confit (confit de canard)S$47.60
Duck Confit Cassoulet (cassoulet au confit de canard)S$45.30
Duck Rillettes w/ Foie Gras (rillettes de canard au foie gras)S$33.40
Pork Pate w/ Chilli PepperS$31.00

TBB Salads & Granola

Blue Berry Small Batch GranolaS$9.90
Miso Tofu SaladS$16.70
Kale Caesar SaladS$16.70
Quinoa SaladS$16.70


Long BlackFrom S$6.60
Flat WhiteFrom S$7.20
CappuccinoFrom S$7.20
LatteFrom S$7.20
MochaFrom S$8.40


Earl Grey LavenderFrom S$6.60
English BreakfastFrom S$6.60
Nymph of the NileFrom S$6.60
Pearl of the OrientFrom S$6.60
Hojicha LatteS$7.80
Iced Hojicha LatteS$9.00


Lemon Ginger MintFrom S$6.60
Chamomile DreamFrom S$6.60
Hot ChocolateFrom S$8.10
TBB Teh TarikS$8.40
Iced Teh TarikS$9.60
Iced Red & Mint TeaS$8.80
Turmeric Ginger LatteS$7.80

Juice & Others

The Great CS$9.30
Just OrangeS$9.30
Pick Me UpS$9.30
Sour PowerS$9.30
Jasmine Hibiscus KombuchaS$9.60
Yuzu Lavender KombuchaS$9.60

Be Your Own Barista

Tiong Bahru Bakery BlendFrom S$20.90
Original Red Espresso CapsulesS$10.50
Intenso Red Espresso CapsulesS$10.50

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Tiong Bbahru Bakery Halal?

No, Tiong Bbahru Bakery is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What are the Tiong Bbahru Bakery menu prices?

The price range of Tiong Bbahru Bakery items varies between S$3.90 to S$43.00.

Does Tiong Bbahru Bakery offer delivery services?

Tiong Bbahru Bakery offers delivery through Oddle.me, Foodpanda.sg, and Deliveroo.com.sg.