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Best Food on Tomyum Mama Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Tomyum Mama restaurant are Signature Kaprao Mookrob, Yaowarat Glass Noodle w/ Prawn, Rod Fai Wagyu Beef Fried Rice, Thai Spicy Kang Kong, and Flamed Mentaiko Fried Wonton.

Tomyum Mama Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Tomyum Mama with a price list has eight categories: Tomyum Mama, Thai Style Rice Bowl, Thai Style Fried Rice, Noodle, Vegetable, Omelette, Appetiser, and Drinks.

Tomyum Mama (served with drink)

Menu ItemsPrices
Pork Tomyum Soup w/ Rice/NoodleS$11.80
Seafood Tomyum Soup w/ Rice/NoodleS$12.90

Thai Style Rice Bowl (served with drink)

Signature Kaprao Mookrob (basil leaf crispy pork belly)From S$12.90
Basil LeafFrom S$11.80
Garlic PepperFrom S$11.80
Tomyum CurryFrom S$11.80

Thai Style Fried Rice (served with drink)

Rod Fai Wagyu Beef Fried RiceFrom S$14.00
Pineapple Fried RiceFrom S$11.80
Thai Egg Fried RiceFrom S$11.80
Olive Fried RiceFrom S$11.80
Thai Railroad Fried RiceFrom S$11.80

Noodle (served with drink)

Yaowarat Glass Noodle w/ PrawnFrom S$18.30
Stir-Fry Mama Noodles w/ Pork & SeafoodFrom S$12.90
Stir-fry Tomyum Mama Noodles w/ Pork & SeafoodFrom S$14.00
Tomyum Ba Chor Mee (Soup)From S$11.80


Thai Garlic Kang KongS$9.60
Beansprout w/ Roasted PorkS$12.90
Thai Spicy Kang KongS$9.60
Stir-fried Cabbage w/ Thai Fish Sauce & Dried ShrimpS$13.90


Thai Style Chye Poh OmeletteS$10.70
Thai Style Plain OmeletteS$8.60


Deep Fried Fish SausageS$6.40
Deep Fried Chicken Wing (2 pcs)S$6.40
Moo Ping (grilled pork skewers – 2 pcs)S$6.40
Thai Fish Cake (5 pcs)S$6.40
Prawn Cake (2 pcs)S$8.50
Flamed Mentaiko Fried Wonton (9 pcs)S$9.60
Deep Fried Wonton w/ Thai Mayo Sauce (9 pcs)S$7.50
Grilled Pork Collar Served w/ Spicy SauceS$13.90
Thai Style Pork Belly Served w/ Homemade Thai SauceS$13.90


Thai Iced Milk TeaS$4.20
Thai Iced Green Milk TeaS$4.20
Thai Iced CoffeeS$5.30
Thai Iced Milk Tea w/ Grass JellyS$5.30
Thai Iced Green Milk Tea w/ Grass JellyS$5.30
Thai Iced Lemon TeaS$4.20
Thai Iced LemongrassS$4.20
Thai Iced Lemongrass w/ Aloe VeraS$4.20
Thai Nom Yen (thai iced bundung)S$5.30
Bottled WaterS$2.70

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Tomyum Mama Halal?

No, Tomyum Mama is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What type of food is Tomyum Mama?

The main cuisine served at Tomyum Mama outlets is Thai.

What are the Tomyum Mama menu prices?

The price range of Tomyum Mama items varies between S$2.70 to S$18.30.

Does Tomyum Mama offer delivery services?

Tomyum Mama offers food delivery through and