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Best Items on Tsujiri Singapore Menu

The most popular items from Tsujiri shop are Macadamia & Raisin Chocolate Bar, Genmaicha Tea Bag, Yame-Houjicha Mochi Gelato, Yame-houjicha Pudding, Houjicha Basque Cheesecake, and Red Bean Ice Blended.

Tsujiri Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Tsujiri with a price list has eight categories: Chocolate, Sparkling Series, Home Products, Cup Gelato Ice Cream Sweets, Tea, Ice Blended, and Latte.


Menu ItemsPrices
Almond Chocolate BarS$13.00
Cappuccino Chocolate BarS$13.00
Macadamia & Raisin Chocolate BarS$13.00
Matcha Chocolate BarS$13.00
Strawberry Chocolate BarS$13.00
Walnut Chocolate BarS$13.00
Matcha Chocolate AlmondsS$21.00
Dark Chocolate AlmondsS$21.00
Matcha MacadamiaS$35.00
Dark Chocolate MacadamiaS$35.00
Yuzu Nama ChocolateS$15.00
Kinako Nama ChocolateS$15.00
Matcha Nama ChocolateS$15.00

Sparkling Series

Sparkling SeriesFrom S$8.10

Home Products

Sencha Tea BagS$19.50
Houjicha Tea BagS$19.50
Genmaicha Tea BagS$19.50
Ume No ShiroS$34.60
Cha No YuiS$16.20

Cup Gelato Ice Cream

Uji-Matcha Gelato (110ml)S$7.00
Yame-Houjicha Gelato (110ml)S$7.00
Yame-Houjicha Mochi Gelato (110ml)S$8.10


O-matcha RollFrom S$38.90
WarabimochiFrom S$13.00
Tokusen-tamago PuddingS$6.50
Uji-Matcha PuddingS$6.50
Yame-houjicha PuddingFrom S$6.50
Houjicha Roll CakeFrom S$7.00
TiramisuFrom S$9.50
Kurogoma Roll CakeS$7.00
Strawberry Crepe CakeS$11.40
Matcha Crepe CakeS$11.40
Houjicha Crepe CakeS$11.40
Black Sesame Crepe CakeS$11.40
Yuzu Matcha Crepe CakeS$11.40
Houjicha RollFrom S$7.00
Strawberry Souffle CheesecakeFrom S$12.80
Black Tea Souffle CakeFrom S$7.40
Triple Cheese Basque CheesecakeFrom S$10.30
Houjicha Basque CheesecakeFrom S$10.30
Matcha Basque CheesecakeFrom S$10.30
Black Sesame Matcha ShortcakeFrom S$59.40


Sencha TeaFrom S$6.30
Houjicha TeaFrom S$6.30
Genmaicha TeaFrom S$6.30
Yuzu TeaFrom S$7.00
Yuzu SenchaFrom S$7.40
Yuzu HoujichaFrom S$7.40

Ice Blended

Houjicha Ice BlendedS$8.70
Houjicha Milk Ice BlendedFrom S$9.00
Yuzu Ice BlendedS$9.00
Red Bean Ice BlendedS$8.70
Chocolate Ice BlendedFrom S$9.00
O-matcha Ice BlendedS$8.70
O-matcha Milk Ice BlendedFrom S$9.00


O-matcha LatteFrom S$7.60
O-matcha Kinako Kuromitsu LatteFrom S$7.60
Chocolate LatteFrom S$7.60
Houjicha LatteFrom S$7.60

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Tsujiri Halal?

No, Tsujiri is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What are the Tsujiri menu prices?

The price range of Tsujiri items varies between S$6.30 to S$59.40.

Does Tsujiri offer delivery services?

Tsujiri offers delivery through Deliveroo.com.sg, GrabFood, and Foodpanda.sg.