Udders Ice Cream Menu

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Best Items on Udders Ice Cream Singapore Menu

The most popular items from Udders Ice Cream shop are Ice Cream PAR-TEH Bundle, Freshly Baked Mochi Waffle, Hot Choc Marshmallows, Liqueur Scoop Flavours, Mao-jestic Golden Durian Cake, and Panda-stic Panda.

MOS Burger Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Udders Ice Cream with a price list has eight categories: Fun Bundles, Featured Flavours!, Add-ons, Ice Cream Pints, Ice Cream Scoops, Ice Cream Pies, Ice Cream Cakes, and Gift Vouchers.

Fun Bundles

Menu ItemsPrices
Ice Cream PAR-TEH Bundle – Halal-certified sealed cupsS$50.60
Huat The Moo Bundle – Halal-certified sealed cupsS$34.60
Crispy Licky BundleS$45.30
Mix & Match BundleS$65.60

Featured Flavours!

Hot Choc MarshmallowsS$5.00
Emperor MaoS$12.40


Frozen Waffles – Halal-certified (2 pcs per box)S$12.50
Freshly Baked WaffleS$6.30
Freshly Baked Mochi WaffleS$8.40
Greeting CardS$2.50
Udders Cooler BagS$3.30
Udders Glass MugS$14.90

Ice Cream Pints

Classic Pint FlavoursS$16.40
Halal-Certified Pint FlavoursS$16.40
Liqueur Pint FlavoursS$20.35

Ice Cream Scoops

Classic Scoop FlavoursS$5.00
Liqueur Scoop FlavoursS$6.10

Ice Cream Pies

Chocolate Fudge Dream (Halal-certified)S$45.00
Cookie Crumble (Halal-certified)S$45.00

Ice Cream Cakes

Choco LocoS$69.00
Berry Cheesy (Halal-certified)S$69.00
Panda-stic Panda (Halal-certified)S$69.00
Marshmallow Kit Kat KakeS$80.00
M&M’s Kit Kat KakeS$92.00
Pokeball Ice Cream CakeS$86.00
Basketball Ice Cream CakeS$86.00
Soccer Ice Cream CakeS$86.00
Mao-jestic Golden Durian CakeS$138.00

Gift Vouchers

$5 Udders VoucherS$5.00
Free Classic Scoop VoucherS$4.50
Free Classic Pint VoucherS$14.90

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Udders Ice Cream Halal?

No, Udders Ice Cream is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What are the Udders Ice Cream menu prices?

The price range of Udders Ice Cream items varies between S$2.50 to S$65.60.

Does Udders Ice Cream offer delivery services?

Udders Ice Cream offers delivery through Foodpanda.sg, GrabFood, Oddle.me, and Deliveroo.com.sg.