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Best Food on umisushi Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from umisushi restaurant are Sake & Tori Teriyaki Bento, Unagi Chirashi Don, Sake Healthy Soba, Wasabi Lobster Salad, Refreshing Mango Salmon Roll, and Sushi & Maki Super Fiesta.

umisushi Menu with Prices

The complete menu of umisushi with a price list has seventeen categories: Esports – Food Crate, Bento, Donburi, Noodles, Salad, Mini Platter, Party Platter, Nigiri Sushi, Makimono Sushi, Gunkan Sushi, Temaki Sushi, Sashimi, Sides, Appetizer, Drinks, Merchandise, and Joo Chiat Kim Choo Rice Dumplings.


Menu ItemsPrices
Unagi BentoS$16.90
Sake & Tori Teriyaki BentoS$16.90
Tori Teriyaki BentoS$10.80
Grilled Saba BentoS$12.90
Yakiniku Beef BentoS$12.70
Sake Teriyaki BentoS$14.90
Tori Katsu BentoS$10.80


Tori Teriyaki DonS$10.80
Gyu DonS$11.70
Unagi Chirashi DonS$13.40
Sake DonS$13.80
Curry Katsu DonS$11.70
Oyako DonS$10.80


Kani UdonS$8.30
Kitsune UdonS$8.30
Wakame UdonS$7.30
Curry Katsu UdonS$11.70
Niku UdonS$10.30
Cha SobaS$7.30
Tori Healthy SobaS$14.10
Sake Healthy SobaS$16.10


Goma Tofu SaladS$5.80
Tamago SaladS$6.20
Wasabi Lobster SaladS$7.50
Kanifumi SaladS$6.90
Sake SaladS$7.80
Vegetable SaladS$5.80

Mini Platter

All SalmonS$15.70
Gunkan & MakiS$10.40
Sushi & MakiS$9.50
All GunkanS$11.00
All NigiriS$13.10
Japanese Ebikko Mini Cali RollS$9.70
Refreshing Mango Salmon RollS$10.90
Japanese Ebikko Eel RollS$11.70

Party Platter

Salmon SupremeS$59.80
Salmon Super SupremeS$69.80
Sushi & Maki FiestaS$46.80
Sushi & Maki Super FiestaS$56.80
Seafood DeluxeS$48.80
Seafood Super DeluxeS$58.80
Simply ClassicS$39.80
Simply Super ClassicS$49.80

Nigiri Sushi

Kanifumi SushiS$3.20
Sake SushiS$5.60
Tamago SushiS$3.00
Kanikama SushiS$3.00
Unagi SushiS$3.40
Ebi SushiS$3.00
Ni Hotate SushiS$3.20
Inari SushiS$3.00
Smoked Duck SushiS$3.00
Aburi Sake SushiS$5.70

Makimono Sushi

Sake MakiS$3.40
Tamago MakiS$3.00
Kanikama MakiS$3.00
California Roll MakiS$3.20
Mini California Roll MakiS$6.00
Hana MakiS$6.10
Futo MakiS$3.20
Kappa MakiS$3.00

Gunkan Sushi

Tamago Mayo GunkanS$3.00
Tuna Mayo GunkanS$3.00
Kani Salad GunkanS$3.00
Tobiko GunkanS$3.20
Corn GunkanS$3.00
Chuka Kurage GunkanS$3.00
Minced Idako GunkanS$3.00
Chuka Hotate GunkanS$3.00
Lobster Salad GunkanS$4.00
Chuka Wakame GunkanS$3.00

Temaki Sushi

Sake TemakiS$3.70
Unagi TemakiS$3.70
California TemakiS$3.40


Salmon Lovers (10 pcs)S$21.80
Salmon Lovers (20 pcs)S$36.80
Classic Sashimi MoriawaseS$30.80
Deluxe Sashimi MoriawaseS$41.80


Tori Teriyaki (ala-carte)S$9.30
Sake Teriyaki (ala-carte)S$12.90
Miso SoupS$2.50
Premium Japanese Rice (1 pax serving)S$1.80


Chuka IdakoS$4.50
Tamago YakiS$3.70
Chuka IdakoS$4.50
Chuka KurageS$4.50
Chuka HotateS$4.50
Lobster SaladS$5.50
Chuka WakameS$4.50


Can Drink (Coke)S$2.50
Can Drink (Sprite)S$2.50
Can Drink (Heaven & Earth Green Tea)S$2.50
umisushi mineral waterS$1.50
Iced Green TeaS$3.50
Iced Cucumber LemonadeS$3.50


umisushi Premium Salmon Skin – Salted EggS$10.80
umisushi Premium Salmon Skin – MalaS$10.80
umisushi Premium Salmon Skin – Wasabi SeaweedS$10.80
umisushi Japanese Teriyaki Sauce (150ml)S$4.60
umisushi Japanese Shoyu Sauce (150ml)S$4.30

Joo Chiat Kim Choo Rice Dumplings

Emperor’s Rice Dumpling (5 pcs)S$84.00
Teochew Rice Dumpling (5 pcs)S$30.00
Nyonya Rice Dumpling (5 pcs)S$25.00
Hokkien Rice Dumpling w/ Salted Egg Yolk 5pcsS$26.50
Hokkien Rice Dumpling (5 pcs)S$24.00
Hakka Pork Belly w/ Preserved Vegetables Rice Dumpling (5 pcs)S$34.00
Pulut Hitam Nyonya Rice Dumpling (5 pcs)S$34.00
Cantonese Bean Rice Dumpling (5 pcs)S$26.50
Kee Zhang (10 pcs)S$20.00
Kee Zhang with Red Bean (10 pcs)S$30.00
Emperor’s Rice Dumpling (10 pcs)S$168.00
Cantonese Bean Rice Dumpling (10 pcs)S$53.00
Nyonya Rice Dumpling (10 pcs)S$50.00
Hokkien Rice Dumpling w/ Salted Egg Yolk (10 pcs)S$53.00
Hokkien Rice Dumpling (10 pcs)S$48.00
Hakka Pork Belly w/ Preserved Vegetables Rice Dumpling (10 pcs)S$68.00
Pulut Hitam Nyonya Rice Dumpling (10 pcs)S$68.00
Teochew Rice Dumpling (10 pcs)S$60.00

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is umisushi Halal?

No, umisushi is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What type of food is umisushi?

The main cuisine served at umisushi outlets is Japanese.

What are the umisushi menu prices?

The price range of umisushi items varies between S$1.20 to S$168.00.

Does umisushi offer delivery services?

umisushi offers food delivery through