Vatos Urban Tacos Menu

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Best Food on Vatos Urban Tacos Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Vatos Urban Tacos Restaurant are Bacon and Blue Cheese Gaucamole, Suka Suka Jerk Chicken Wings, Korean Po’ Boy Burrito, The Fat Bastard Burrito Bowl, and Chimichurri Prawn.

Vatos Urban Tacos Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Vatos Urban Tacos with a price list has thirteen categories: Party Packs, Starters, Specials, Burritos, Signature Burrito Bowls, Urban Tacos, Quesadillas, Additional Meats, Sauces & More, Margaritas, Beers, Non-alcoholic Drinks, and Kid’s Menu.

Party Packs

Menu ItemsPrices
Holiday Party Pack (4-5 pax)From S$139.00
Vatos Party Pack (2-3 pax)From S$52.00


Fresh GuacamoleS$16.00
Roasted Corn & Black Bean SalsaS$13.00
Bacon & Blue Cheese GaucamoleS$19.00
Cowboy QuesoS$19.00


Kimchi Carnitas FriesS$22.00
Honey Tequila Chicken WingsS$21.00
Suka Suka Jerk Chicken WingsS$21.00


Korean Po’ Boy BurritoS$25.00
Fajita Classic BurritoFrom S$19.00
Vatos Style BurritoFrom S$21.00
Cali Style BurritoFrom S$22.00

Signature Burrito Bowls

Surf ‘n Turf Burrito BowlS$26.00
The Fat Bastard Burrito BowlS$26.00
Veggie Delight BowlS$20.00
Grilled Chicken Burrito BowlS$23.00

Urban Tacos

Barbacoa PorkFrom S$15.00
Classic Carne AsadaFrom S$18.00
Braised CarnitasFrom S$14.00
Baja FishFrom S$14.00
Chimichurri PrawnFrom S$17.00
Chili Lime PrawnFrom S$17.00
Korean Pork BellyFrom S$14.00
Spicy Grilled ChickenFrom S$14.00
Galbi Short RibFrom S$19.00
VeggieFrom S$16.00
Suka Suka Jerk ChickenFrom S$16.00
Chimichurri ChickenFrom S$15.00


Mango Prawn QuesadillasS$25.00
Carne Asada Steak QuesadillasS$25.00
Spicy Chicken QuesadillasS$22.00
Mushroom & Spinach QuesadillaS$20.00
Kimchi Pork QuesadillasS$22.00
Just Cheese Please QuesadillasS$18.00
Veggie FajitaS$20.00

Additional Meats

Carne AsadaS$7.50

Sauces & More

Side of Sour CreamS$1.50
Side of Chimichurri SauceS$2.00
Side of Roasted Corn SalsaS$2.00
Side of Pico de GalloS$2.00
Side of GuacamoleS$4.50
Side of Mexican CheeseS$1.50


Juan Too Many Classic MargaritaS$34.00
Juan Too Many Strawberry MargaritaS$36.00


CoronaFrom S$13.00

Non-alcoholic Drinks

Coca ColaS$3.00
Coke ZeroS$3.00
Ginger AleS$3.00
Jarritos Mexican SodaFrom S$5.00

Kid’s Menu

Chicken WingsS$11.00
Cheese QuesadillaS$13.00

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Vatos Urban Tacos Halal?

No, Vatos Urban Tacos is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What type of food is Vatos Urban Tacos?

The main cuisine served at Vatos Urban Tacos outlets is Mexican.

What are the Vatos Urban Tacos menu prices?

The price range of Vatos Urban Tacos items varies between S$1.50 to S$139.00.

Does Vatos Urban Tacos offer delivery services?

Vatos Urban Tacos offers food delivery through and