Walaku Menu

  • Malaysian
  • 8 Categories
  • 37 items
  • 5/5

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Best Food on Walaku Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Walaku restaurant are Black Pepper Shellout, NLB Ikan Bakr Salmon, Crayfish Char Kway Teow, New York Fish N Chips, Sotong Masak Hitam Pasta, NZ Garlic Mussels, Cheese Jagung, and Black Royal.

Walaku Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Walaku with a price list has eight categories: Shellout, Nasi Lemak Bakar, Main Dish, Western, Pasta, Starter, Martabak Mains, and Drinks.

Shellout (2 sets)

Menu ItemsPrices
Nasi Lemak ShelloutS$70.00
Tiga Rasa (sweet, sour, spicy) ShelloutS$66.00
Sambal ShelloutS$66.00
Black Pepper ShelloutS$66.00
Kari Kandar ShelloutS$66.00
Salted Egg ShelloutS$70.00

Nasi Lemak Bakar – Signature

NLB Cheesy LobsterS$32.00
NLB Ikan Bakr SalmonS$16.00
NLB Sotong BakarS$16.00
NLB Ayam BerempahS$8.00
Nasi Lemak Platter SetS$45.00

Main Dish

Nasi Goreng Kerabu Ayam PercikS$15.00
Wok Hey Tom Yum Goong VermicelliS$12.00
Crayfish Char Kway TeowS$12.00
Kentang BallS$12.00
Smoked Duck LaksaS$12.00
Lepat LemangS$15.00


Lemon Butter Grilled SalmonS$18.00
Chop2 Chicken ChopS$16.00
New York Fish N ChipsS$16.00


Lemak ChillI Api Soft Shell Crab PastaS$18.00
Seafood Aglio OlioS$18.00
Sotong Masak Hitam PastaS$18.00
Salted Egg Pasta & Grilled SalmonS$18.00


Salted Egg Shimeiji MushroomS$12.00
NZ Garlic MusselsS$16.00
Truffle FriesS$10.00

Martabak Mains

Kacang JagungS$7.00
Cheese JagungS$7.00
Sri Kaya CheeseS$7.00
Chocolate CheeseS$7.00
Black RoyalS$8.00
Red VelvetS$8.00
Onde OndeS$8.00


Thai Milk Tea ColdS$4.00
Thai Lemon Tea ColdS$4.00