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Best Food on Wok Master Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Wok Master restaurant are Yang Zhou Fried Rice, Signature Curry Fish Head, Claypot Seafood Horfun, Sizzling Black Pepper Beef Rice, and Crispy Passion Fruit Prawn.

Wok Master Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Wok Master with a price list has nineteen categories: Stay At Home Bundle, Family Sets, Specialties, Crab, Seafood, Fish, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Homemade Beancurd, Egg, Vegetables, Vegetarian, Rice, Noodles Pasta, Finger Food Appetizers, Kids Meal, Beverages and Dessert

Stay At Home Bundle

Menu ItemsPrices
Bundle 1 (3~4pax)S$70.10
Bundle 2 ( 3~4pax)S$67.30
Bundle 3 (3~4pax)S$65.50

Family Sets

Curry Fish Head Bundle (4 Pax)S$78
Set Meal (2 Pax)S$49.90
Seafood Platter (2-4 Pax)S$88
CrabsFrom S$65


Wok Master’s Premium ClaypotS$33
Crisped Skin DuckS$33
Crispy Passion Fruit PrawnS$22
Egg White with Crab Meat and BroccoliFrom S$22


Savoury Crab Meat Seafood BrothFrom S$13.20
Bun (4 pcs)S$2.20


Spring Onions Fried LalaFrom S$15.40
Crispy Cereal PrawnFrom S$22
Golden Salted Egg PrawnsFrom S$22
Special Chilli Fried LalaFrom S$15.40
Sizzling Chilli CrayfishFrom S$27.50
Golden Salted Egg SotongFrom S$17.60
Sizzling Sambal SotongFrom S$15.40
Dual Style PrawnsS$24.20
Homemade Yam RingS$30.80


Signature Curry Fish HeadS$35.20
Assam Fish HeadS$35.20
Crispy Sweet and Sour FishFrom S$15.40
Wok-fried Fish with Spring OnionsFrom S$15.40
Hong Kong Style Steamed FishS$35.20
Pine Nut Squirrel FishS$35.20


Mongolian ChickenFrom S$16.50
Claypot Gong Bao ChickenFrom S$16.50
Claypot Chicken with Spring OnionsFrom S$16.50
Three Cup ChickenFrom S$16.50


Signature Wok Master Braised BeefFrom S$22.00
Sizzling Beef with Spring OnionsFrom S$19.80
Sizzling Black Pepper BeefFrom S$19.80


Wok Master Honey Sambal Spare RibsFrom S$17.60
Granny’s Braised Pork BellyFrom S$19.80
Peppery Honey Spare RibsFrom S$15.40
Golden Salted Egg Spare RibsFrom S$15.40
Jindu Style RibsFrom S$19.80
Lychee Sweet and Sour PorkFrom S$17.60

Homemade Beancurd

Golden Tofu with Crab MeatFrom S$24.20
Tofu with Crispy Chye PohFrom S$13.20
Sizzling Hotplate TofuFrom S$15.40
Wok Masters Special BeancurdFrom S$15.40
Claypot ToufuFrom S$15.40
Homemade Tofu with Minced MeatS$19.80


Fried Shrimp EggFrom S$13.20
Fried Egg FuyongFrom S$13.20
Fried Egg with Minced MeatFrom S$11
Fried Chye Poh EggFrom S$11


Royal Three Eggs SpinachFrom S$13.20
Fragrant French BeansFrom S$13.20
Bamboo Fungus MushroomFrom S$19.80
Dual Flavour Kai Lan with Chicken FlossFrom S$19.80
Clay Pot EggplantFrom S$13.20
Sambal Kang Kong Malay SceneryFrom S$11.00
Golden Mushroom Bean CurdFrom S$15.40
Dried Scallop Broth with Baby CabbageFrom S$22
Garlic Dou Miao Garlic Bean SproutsFrom S$15.40


Claypot Vegetarian Hokkien MeeS$10.80
Claypot Vegetarian Hor FunS$10.80
Vegetarian Fried RiceS$10.80
Vegetarian RamenS$10.80


Signature Claypot Curry ChickenS$10.80
Seafood Fried RiceS$10.80
Kampong Sambal Fried RiceS$10.80
Sizzling Black Pepper Beef RiceS$14.10
Salted Fish with Chicken Fried RiceS$10.80
Yang Zhou Fried RiceS$10.80
Sizzling Gong Bao Chicken RiceS$14.10
Sizzling Sweet and Sour Fish RiceS$14.10
Steamed RiceS$1.70

Noodles Pasta

Claypot XO Crayfish Tang Hoon XO Shrimp Po Tong Noodle PotFrom S$16.50
Claypot Beef HorfunS$14.10
Cantonese Seafood ‘Sang Mee’S$10.80
Claypot Hokkien NoodlesS$10.80
Kampong Seafood Mee GorengS$10.80
Lala Bee HoonS$15.40
Signature Claypot Crayfish LaksaS$14.10
Claypot Seafood HorfunS$10.80
Dual Style La La HorfunS$14.10
Mushroom and Minced Meat NoodlesS$10.80

Finger Food Appetizers

Handmade Prawn RollFrom S$13.20
Pork Belly with Red Beancurd Pan-fried Southern Milk Pork BellyFrom S$11
Golden Salted Egg PumpkinFrom S$11
Sweet Corn Salted Egg ChickenFrom S$11
Har Cheong Wings Shrimp Paste ChickenFrom S$11
Boxing ChickenFrom S$11

Kids Meal

Panda Bear Fried RiceFrom S$11.90
Macaroni with Ham and Mixed PeasFrom S$9.70
Spaghetti Pasta with Tomato SauceFrom S$9.70


Lychee MojitoS$5.70
Passion Peach TeaS$5.70
Sky Blue TropicalS$5.70
Summer Berry Ice TeaS$5.70
Kopi OFrom S$2.64
KopiFrom S$2.86
Kopi CFrom S$3.08
MiloFrom S$3.30
Teh OFrom S$2.64
TehFrom S$2.86
Teh CFrom S$3.08
Kopi and TehFrom S$3.30
Jasmine Chinese TeaS$1.32
Brewed Lemon TeaFrom S$3.08
Honey LemonFrom S$3.52
Honey Yuzu TeaFrom S$3.52
Homemade Lime and PlumFrom S$3.85
Fanta OrangeS$2.75
Green TeaS$2.75
Mineral WaterS$1.98
Warm WaterS$0.55
Heineiken BeerS$9.35
Tiger BeerS$9.35
Blooming Jasmine TeaS$4.18
Blooming Globosa TeaS$4.18


Mango Pomelo SagoS$6.05