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Best Items on Woobbee Singapore Menu

The most popular items from Woobbee shop are Tea Jelly Osm + Peach Green Tea, Freshmilk Caramel Tea, Straight Green Tea with Black Pearls, Osmanthus Oolong Milk Tea, Flavoured Warm Milk Tea, and Grape Yakult Earl Grey Tea.

Woobbee Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Woobbee with a price list has eight categories: WB Signature, Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Warm Tea Series+, Coffee and Cocoa, and Oat Milk.

WB Signature

Menu ItemsPrices
Tea Jelly Osm + Peach Milk Tea (M)From S$5.60
Tea Jelly Osm + Peach Milk Tea (L)From S$7.80
Tea Jelly Osm + Peach Green Tea (M)From S$5.90
Tea Jelly Osm + Peach Green Tea (L)From S$7.80
Salty Lemon Mint Green Tea (M)From S$5.90
Salty Lemon Mint Green Tea (L)From S$7.80
Passion Fruit Green Tea (M)From S$5.30
Passion Fruit Green Tea (L)From S$7.10
Pink Grapefruit Green Tea (M)From S$5.30
Pink Grapefruit Green Tea (L)From S$7.10
Guava Plum Green Tea (M)From S$5.60
Guava Plum Green Tea (L)From S$7.50
Herbalmint Green Tea (M)From S$5.60
Herbalmint Green Tea (L)From S$7.50
Fresh Lemon Honey Green Tea (M)From S$5.60
Fresh Lemon Honey Green Tea (L)From S$7.40
Fresh Orange Citron Green TeaFrom S$5.90
HerbalMint Milk Tea (M)From S$5.60
HerbalMint Milk Tea (L)From S$7.50
Freshmilk HerbalMint Tea (M)From S$6.30
Freshmilk HerbalMint Tea (L)From S$8.50
Honey Mint Milk Tea (M)From S$5.30
Honey Mint Milk Tea (L)From S$7.10
Double Chocolate Milk Tea (M)From S$5.60
Double Chocolate Milk Tea (L)From S$7.50

Black Tea

Straight Black Tea (M)From S$3.90
Straight Black Tea (L)From S$5.20
Honey Black Tea (M)From S$4.90
Honey Black Tea (L)From S$6.50
WB Milk Tea (M)From S$4.40
WB Milk Tea (L)From S$5.90
Honey Milk Tea (M)From S$4.90
Honey Milk Tea (L)From S$6.50
Vanilla Milk Tea (M)From S$4.90
Vanilla Milk Tea (L)From S$6.50
Hazelnut Milk Tea (M)From S$4.90
Hazelnut Milk Tea (L)From S$6.50
Taro Milk Tea (M)From S$4.90
Taro Milk Tea (L)From S$6.50
Freshmilk Caramel Tea (M)From S$5.60
Freshmilk Caramel Tea (L)From S$7.40
WB Milk Tea w/ Black Pearls 50% Sugar (M)From S$4.90
Milk Tea + Chewy Mix (L)From S$7.90

Green Tea

Straight Green Tea w/ Black Pearls (M)From S$4.40
Straight Green Tea (M)From S$3.90
Straight Green Tea (L)From S$5.20
Straight Green Tea + Chewy Mix (L)From S$7.20
Honey Green Tea (M)From S$4.90
Honey Green Tea (L)From S$6.50
Honey Green Tea + Chewy Mix (L)From S$8.50
Green Milk Tea (M)From S$4.40
Green Milk Tea (L)From S$5.90
Honey Green Milk Tea (M)From S$4.90
Honey Green Milk Tea (L)From S$6.50
Strawberry Green MT (M)From S$4.90
Strawberry Green MT (L)From S$6.50
Plum Green Tea (M)From S$4.90
Plum Green Tea (L)From S$6.50
Plum Green Tea + Chewy Mix (L)From S$8.50
Lychee Green Tea (M)From S$4.90
Lychee Green Tea (L)From S$6.50
Osmanthus Green Tea (M)From S$5.10
Osmanthus Green Tea (L)From S$6.80
Citron Green Tea (M)From S$5.10
Citron Green Tea (L)From S$6.80
Freshmilk Green Tea (M)From S$5.10
Freshmilk Green Tea (L)From S$6.80
Freshmilk Honey Green Tea (M)From S$5.60
Freshmilk Honey Green Tea (L)From S$7.40

Oolong Tea

Straight Oolong Tea (M)From S$4.30
Straight Oolong Tea (L)From S$5.20
Honey Oolong Tea (M)From S$4.90
Honey Oolong Tea (L)From S$6.50
Oolong Milk Tea (M)From S$4.40
Oolong Milk Tea (L)From S$5.90
Honey Oolong MT (M)From S$4.90
Honey Oolong MT (L)From S$6.50
Osmanthus Oolong Milk Tea (M)From S$5.10
Osmanthus Oolong Milk Tea (L)From S$6.80
Freshmilk Oolong Tea (M)From S$5.10
Freshmilk Honey Oolong Tea (M)From S$5.60
Freshmilk Honey Oolong Tea (L)From S$7.40

Warm Tea Series+

Warm Milk Tea (M)From S$4.90
Flavoured Warm Milk Tea (M)From S$5.40
Warm Honey Tea (M)From S$5.40
Warm Fruit Tea (M)From S$5.90

Yakult & Juices

Strawberry Yogurt (M)From S$5.40
Strawberry Yogurt (L)From S$7.20
Pinkgrape fruit Yogurt (M)From S$5.40
Pinkgrape fruit Yogurt (L)From S$7.20
Citron Honey Juice (M)From S$5.40
Citron Honey Juice (L)From S$6.60
Fresh Lemon Honey Juice (M)From S$5.60
Fresh Lemon Honey Juice (L)From S$7.40
GOLD Yakult Green Tea (M)From S$4.90
GOLD Yakult Green Tea (L)From S$6.50
GOLD Yakult Pinkgrapefruit-T (M)From S$5.40
GOLD Yakult Pinkgrapefruit-T (L)From S$7.10
GOLD Yakult Oolong Tea (M)From S$4.90
GOLD Yakult Oolong Tea (L)From S$6.50
Grape Yakult Earl Grey Tea (M)From S$4.90
Grape Yakult Earl Grey Tea (L)From S$6.50
Fresh Apple + Yakult (M)From S$5.40
Fresh Orange + Yakult (M)From S$5.40

Coffee and Cocoa

WB Coffee Latte (M)From S$4.80
WB Coffee Latte (L)From S$6.40
Hazelnut Coffee Latte (M)From S$5.30
Hazelnut Coffee Latte (L)From S$6.80
Mocha (M)From S$5.00
Mocha (L)From S$7.00
Mint Mocha (M)From S$5.80
Mint Mocha (L)From S$7.70
Cacao Barry (M)From S$5.30
Cacao Barry (L)From S$7.00
Hazelnut Cocoa (M)From S$5.80
Hazelnut Cocoa (L)From S$7.70
Ice Blended Dark Chocolate (M)S$6.50
Ice Blended Dark Chocolate (L)S$8.10
Ice Blended Dark Choc Mocha (M)S$6.50
Ice Blended Dark Choc Mocha (L)S$8.10

Oat Milk

Oatmilk Black Tea (M)From S$5.80
Oatmilk Green Tea (M)From S$5.80
Oatmilk Oolong Tea (M)From S$5.80
Dark Choc Oolong Oatmilk (M)From S$6.00
Vanilla Green Tea_Oatmilk (M)From S$6.30

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Woobbee Halal?

No, Woobbee is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What type of drink is Woobbee?

The main drink served at Woobbee outlets is Bubble Tea.

What are the Woobbee menu prices?

The price range of Woobbee items varies between S$3.90 to S$8.50.

Does Woobbee offer delivery services?

Woobbee offers delivery through Deliveroo.com.sg GrabFood, and Foodpanda.sg.