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Best Items on Ya Kun Kaya Toast Singapore Menu

The most popular items from Ya Kun Kaya Toast cafe are Smoked Cheese French Toast with Kaya, Chicken Char Siew, Coffee C Canister, Butter Sugar Crackers, French Toast with Kayam, and Rendang Chicken.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Ya Kun Kaya Toast with a price list has six categories: Toast Favourites, Toastwich, Beverages, Party Sets, All Day Sides, and Merchandise.

Toast Favourites

Menu ItemsPrices
Kaya Toast w/ Butter (2 slices)S$2.60
Butter Sugar Toast (2 slices)S$2.60
French Toast w/ Kaya (4 pcs)S$2.60
Smoked Cheese French Toast w/ Kaya (4 pcs)S$3.00


Chicken Char SiewS$4.20
Fish OtahS$4.20
Tuna MayoS$4.20
Rendang ChickenS$4.20


Coffee O CanisterFrom S$29.00
Coffee CanisterFrom S$31.00
Coffee C CanisterFrom S$33.00
Tea O CanisterFrom S$29.00
Tea CanisterFrom S$31.00
Tea C CanisterFrom S$33.00
Milo CanisterS$33.00
Horlicks CanisterS$33.00
Ya Kun Bottled WaterS$2.20

Party Sets

10 Kaya Toasts w/ ButterS$26.00

All Day Sides

Kaya Butter Crackers (2 pcs)S$2.20
Butter Sugar Crackers (2 pcs)S$2.20


Kaya Jar (290g)S$6.30
Single Gift PackS$7.30
Elfin Pack (75g x 2)S$8.10
Creamy Peanut Butter (250g)S$6.30
Coffee Powder (250g)S$9.50
Coffee Powder (500g)S$17.10

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Ya Kun Kaya Toast Halal?

No, Ya Kun Kaya Toast is not Halal Certified.

What are the Ya Kun Kaya Toast menu prices?

The price range of Ya Kun Kaya Toast items is from S$2.20 to S$33.00.

Does Ya Kun Kaya Toast offer delivery?

Ya Kun Kaya Toast offers food delivery through GrabFood and Foodpanda.sg.